Waterproof Wood

When porcelain first arrived here from China at the end of the 17th century it was highly prized, very expensive and extremely fragile, far too delicate to wash in the stone sinks of the time. Hence the need for a timber sink. They were made first of oak, then of teak. They leaked like sieves but the timber was soft enough not to break the porcelain and soon every household wealthy enough to own pieces of porcelain had one. I was barely aware of them until, forty five years ago, someone came into the workshop wanting a teak sink that would remain waterproof under all circumstances. We re-engineered the traditional design and the resulting sink has moved with its owner three times and remains reliable to this day. The word got round and we were soon making sinks for various National Trust houses.

In the years since we have developed a series of designs exploiting timber as a distinctive material in the domestic arena and we are able to offer baths, basins, sinks, shower trays and tiles